*Fears in africa .. expanding of Russian influence*


The departure of French military from Niger and some African countries is the event that has a significant impact on the map of these african region’s dealings with terrorist movements.

In this aspect, analyst and journalist Musa Jumaa confirms that France’s military withdrawal from Niger, and before that, Mali and Burkina Faso, will increase the expansion of Russian influence in Africa, and may lead the entire region into complete chaos, which is what is taking shape – according to Jumaa – in the African countries in this region.

Jumaa pointed to the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the region, which prompted the Russian leadership to give Africa more attention, in order to impose control or fill the vacuum that the departure of the French will create. Jumaa adds that it must be noted here that the Russian Wagner mercenary group has appeared in a number of African countries, especially after the media monitored the phenomenon of raising Russian flags and pictures of the late Wagner leader in the Nigerian people’s demonstrations celebrating with the new authorities over their removal of elected President Mohamed Bazom.

In addition, Western media reported from military sources that security tensions began to recede little by little due to the reform efforts led by Bazom. The sources stated that terrorist operations had become less by 15% in the last three months, months before the coup, and civilian casualties had also decreased by a percentage. 50%… Observers see an increase in terrorist operations. The Ministry of Defense in Niger announced the killing of 29 soldiers in an attack launched by an extremist terrorist group, near the border with Mali. This confirms the country’s descent into chaos under the weight of terrorism.
Jumaa draws attention to the fact that the Russians are aggressively seeking to fill the vacant spaces of the French, exploiting some of the African elites or common people. Jumaa points out the ability of the Wagner Group to spend money to achieve its goals in this poor country.

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